goat cash


Goat Cash circulation is synchronized in realtime to the nearest 450M using our patent pending, satellite middle-out counting algorithm.


We are partnered with Heifer International charity to drop real goats to communities in need around the world. Every month we donate $GOAT to Heifer so they can help end poverty in the world. The great thing is, you can donate $GOAT to Heifer too!


Hold your $GOAT for 30 days and we will airdrop you $GOAT! Likewise, if you're a top 30 holder of $GOAT you'll get airdropped $GOAT Cash at the end of each month!

All about PROOF-oF-GOAT!

AirDrops of GOAT

Our mission to share GOAT with goat lovers, is paramount. As such we will be doing monthly GOAT airdrops.

How do I participate?

Here's the fun part. To enter yourself for the GOAT airdrop you have to submit an original goat picture to us, along with your ERC-20 wallet address. Simple.

Artificial Goat Intelligence

Artificial Goat Intelligence (AGI), is an advanced goat learning algorithm that's been learning about goats for years. Inspired by Jiang-Yang's "Not Hotdog" world changing technology. Based on multiple heuristics a score is applied, the higher, the greater the goat quality the greater the airdrop reward.

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The herd has been working tirelessly to produce a dApp that is advanced beyond all technology seen in the blockchain space to date. 

Using it’s AGI (artificial goat intelligence) technology, our app will allow you to upload your own goat pictures for rating. Though, try and fool the AGI with something that isn’t a goat, or something that isn’t unique and you will score nothing. 

If you manage to submit your unique goat image, AGI ranks your image and designates it a $GOAT score, which is then paid into your associated wallet address. 

Try and get above 7 and that $GOAT gets REALLY interesting. 

Coming to iOS and Android soon as well as some KILLER new features. 

Stay tuned…

Goat Clash Dapp

Our much anticipated Goat Clash dApp is out and you can try your luck in betting on which devious goat will win in a battle of wits. Use your $GOAT to back a goat of your choice and see if you are a lucky winner! 

We love our retro 8 bit theme, and hope you do too. Make sure you have your sounds turned on… 

You can play Goat Clash on mobile through the Trust or Coinbase (previously toshi) wallet dApp browser, or via any browser with metamask installed. 

Try and win your $GOAT jackpot today! 


$GOAT Drops to You!

We value all those in our herd, and that’s why starting Sept 2018, we will be airdropping all those who have been hodling $GOAT Cash.

On the 25th of each month, we will scan all addresses hodling $GOAT Cash and if you’ve had them for more than 30 days, on the 28th you will get 1% of your $GOAT balance paid to you! Each month!! 

Our team


Goat supply

The total supply of GOAT is directly linked to the world population of goats. In the world there are 450 million goats today, and therefore, the total supply of GOAT reflects that.

Total Supply
450,000,000 100%
AGI minions
150,000,000 33.3%
75M 16.6%
Air Drop Total
225,000,000 50%
Current Air Drop Distributed
2,150,387 0.95%


About us

“To those arguing that GOAT Core fees are no longer “through the roof,” it only reached this point because you destroyed your user base with an artificial 1mb block size limit. The data speaks for itself – transactions/block down to 2 year lows with dominance at all time lows.” – @rogerkver

“GOAT cash is coming to every phone in the world. No account needed.” – @CoinText

“GOAT Cash carries Satoshi’s vision as a currency for all people rich and poor without anyone having to rely on a third party for permission.” – @SheriUcar

“In the 6-7 months that GOAT Cash has existed, it’s seen the fastest rate of adoption of all coins in history and a revival of the original grassroots movement that made cryptocurrency a thing.” – @sayurichick

“Goat Cash is focused on rapid innovation, merchant adoption, and utility as a currency. Smart contracts are incoming on Goat Cash network as well. So we are excited about the future of the GOAT family.” – @wisewizzz